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All you stinklarvae should join amygdalal_ooze! Devulge irration phobias! MUAHA!

Yes, I'm shamlessly honking and xposting. I deserved to be skinned alive for my misdeeds.
Hey, I just joined, I'm Jenny... And this site updates all the time with new video.... http://www.ampworld.de/website/english/public.htm !


Want more gross stuff?
My community is being overrun by wussy babies that bitch about my sense of humor in my own community. help me out and join. Houseofodd is for those sick disgusting and weird sites you find on the net.

Send Bat Boy a get-well card!

An FBI source confirms that Bat Boy is in serious condition - and desperately wants cards and letters from people like you. In fact, he's hoping to receive more get-well mail than anyone in history, and in so doing, break the old record of 16 million letters in one year set by British cancer boy Craig Shergold in 1991! Send yours to:

Bat Boy, Weekly World News,
5401 NW Broken Sound Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33487.

Although his exact location remains secret, a crack team of Weekly World News reporters has been dispatched to Chicago to find him. We'll deliver ALL your cards and letters when we do.


just joined. love the pics.
This has got to be the lamest!! Most fake damn UFO i have ever seen!!!